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Date uploaded: November 4, 2022

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Core Reserach Cluster for Materials Science Award 2022
Award Lectures and Ceremony

The Core Research Cluster for Materials Science Award was established in 2021 to honor young researchers who have produced outstanding academic or industrial results in the field of materials science based on their own initiative, and to encourage further development of their research. This year, the award lectures and award ceremony were held during the International Symposium in order to provide an opportunity to widely disseminate the research of the award winners internationally.

Event Information

Classification Award Lectures and Ceremony
Title The Core Reserach Center for Materials Science Award 2022, Award Lectures and Ceremony
Award Winners
Dr. Yu Kumagai
Professor, Institute for Materials Research
"Computational Materials Database for Exploring Next Generation Materials"

Dr. Kenta Yamanaka
Associate Professor, Institute for Materials Research
"Additive Manufacturing of Structural Metallic Materials"

Dr. Shunsuke Kurosawa
Associate Professor, New Industry Creation Hatchery Center
"Development of Red and Near-Infrared Emitting Scintillators towards Promotion of Decommissioning"

Outline of the Event The award ceremony for the CRCMS Award 2022 was held at the Science Campus Hall on October 26, 2022. After the speeches by the three award winners, Director Kotani presented the award certificates and commemorative gifts (plaques) to the award winners. The winners will receive a research grant of 500,000 yen as a supplementary prize.

Event Photos

Award Lectures and Ceremony

  • Dr. Yu Kumagai answers questions after his lecture

  • Certificate and plaque

  • Lecture by Dr. Kenta Yamanaka

  • Dr. Shunsuke Kurosawa gave an online presentation

Group Photo

  • From left: Dr. Shin-ichi Orimo, Deputy Director, Dr. Kenta Yamanaka, Dr. Yu Kumagai, Dr. Motoko Kotani, Director
    (Dr. Shunsuke Kurosawa will receive his certificate and plaque later due to his participation online)