Core Research Cluster for Materials Science (CRC-MS), Organization for Advanced Studies, Tohoku University

Greetings from the Director


The Core Research Cluster for Materials Science, established in FY2017 in conjunction with Tohoku University's accreditation as a Designated National University, has served as a platform for materials scientists within the university. Together with the newly appointed Deputy Director and Innovation Wing Leader, we are further enhancing and strengthening our efforts, including overseas collaboration.

We hold international symposiums every year, including structural materials, quantum materials, energy materials, advanced measurement technology, and data science, to expand academic exchanges with overseas research institutions. We also have been developing cutting-edge materials science by young independent faculty members selected through international open recruitment. In addition, in collaboration with the university headquarters and various internal and external programs, we are actively working to implement the results of our materials science research into society.

Inheriting the "Research First" tradition, "Open Doors" philosophy, and "Practice-oriented Research and Education" spirit of the university since its foundation, we will continue to work for the development of materials science in Japan and abroad. We look forward to your continuous support and cooperation in our endeavors.

ORIMO Shin-ichi