Core Research Cluster for Materials Science (CRC-MS), Organization for Advanced Studies, Tohoku University

Greetings from the Deputy Director


I have been appointed as the Deputy Director of the Core Research Cluster for Materials Science (CRC-MS) from April 2024.

CRC-MS consists of three wings (Functional Materials Wing, Structural Materials Wing, and Innovation Creation Wing, which supports the transfer of research results back to society) that work together to demonstrate the university's comprehensive research capabilities and strongly promote research and development. In FY2022, two areas were newly established in the Functional Materials Wing and two areas in the Structural Materials Wing, promoting fusion research within and between these areas. A new initiative for the Innovation Wing was started in FY2023.

As of FY2024, the participating departments include the Graduate School of Science, the Graduate School of Engineering, the Institute for Materials Research, the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, the Advanced Institute for Materials Research, the Rare Metal and Green Innovation Research and Development Center, and the Material Solutions Center, and we are promoting university-wide efforts that go beyond the Katahira Campus where the administrative office is located. In addition, the CRC-MS Award, which aims to honor young researchers in materials science, is open to all those involved in research at the University, regardless of department.

We hope that you will continue to look forward to materials science research at Tohoku University.


Deputy Director