A research pipeline strategy is concentrating and centralizing powerful existing research resources, as we wield the comprehensive research strength across the whole of Tohoku University to develop ideal energy materials going beyond traditional performance limits, and to design the necessary energy systems. We have established two priority areas of research to be promoted from FY2022: Spin and Quantum Materials Science and Energy and Material Conversion. These areas will accelerate interdisciplinary research, industry-academia collaboration, and regional cooperation.


We aim to realize an energy independent model city through industry-academia and community collaboration.

Two Areas in Functional Materials Wing

Spintronics and Quantum Physics Area
The project leaders are Professor Shigemi Mizukami, who is engaged in research and development of nano-memory devices focusing on electrons, spin, and light, and Professor Takefumi Sato, who analyzes the unique properties of interfaces to improve the function of thin films.
Energy and Material Conversion Area
The project leaders are Professor Hirotomo Nishihara, who is developing new carbon materials with controlled structure, which is important for battery development, and Professor Keiichi Tomishige, who is contributing to the reduction of fossil resource use by developing solid catalysts for the effective use of biomass.
SASAKI Takahiko

Wing Leader SASAKI Takahiko, PhD Professor, Institute
for Materials Research

SASAKI Takahiko
Functional Materials Wing Leader
  • SASAKI Takahiko, PhD
  • Institute for Materials Research