Enhancement of Research Performance International Symposium

Upcoming Symposium

8th Symposium: November 18(Mon.) - 20(Wed.) or 21(Thu.), 2024. (in preparation)


CRC-MS holds an international symposium once a year. The main objectives are to disseminate the research capabilities of CRC-MS and other Tohoku University researchers in the field of materials science, and to provide a platform for exchange to further promote international interdisciplinary research through the participation of cutting-edge researchers from around the world.

To make these symposia more attractive and fruitful for participants, they are often co-hosted as joint symposia with other clusters or international programs on campus. For more information, please click on the links below to learn more about each symposium.

Previous Symposia

7th Symposium: November 28 (Tue.) - December 1 (Fri.), 2023.
6th Symposium: October 24 (Mon.) - 27 (Thu.), 2022.
5th Symposium: October 25 (Mon.) - 28 (Thu.), 2021.
4th Symposium: November 16 (Mon.) - 18 (Wed.), 2020.
3rd Symposium: February 10 (Mon.) - 11 (Tue.), 2020
2nd Symposium: February 16 (Sat.) - 18 (Mon.), 2019
Kick-off Symposium: February 19 (Mon.) - 20 (Tue.), 2018